Webinar on LSmart - RFID System

In today’s time collection in libraries is made RFID enabled for efficient lending operations and securing material from possible theft and mishandling. The RFID library system offerings of LIBSYS include world-class RFID equipment and tags supplemented with creative software integration giving value to libraries for the investment made. This also includes a shelf management suite for looking for a missing book(s), to ensure proper shelving, and regular stock verification. We pioneered the use of RFID technology in library operations since the year 2002 for efficiency, the correctness of records besides providing security for library resources. LIBSYS robust and best library management system using RFID technology covers lending, security, shelf management, and stock verification. Wireless identification of people, books, and all kinds of library resources can be done through the RFID library system. LIBSYS RFID based library automation system include RFID equipment and RFID tags integrated with a software. The system ensures proper shelving and stock verification preventing thefts. Our library automation software using RFID enables efficient lending and collection of library materials.

December 08, 2021 (Wednesday)

3:00 P.M

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